CD 33.1 Installer "Upgrade" problems

Using The installer as promulgated here …

… when you choose “Upgrade”, now does not respect your previous setup :

It has changed my home page from Ixquick to Yahoo was not even listed in Settings Startup pages, completely removed.

The Home button ( also no longer showing from my previous setup ) - Has also been set to Yahoo, previously it was Ixquick

At least you did keep my default Search Engine as ixquick

It has re-installed all the default plugins I have previously removed
The only extension I had was Disconnect, which was removed O_o
now it has :
The new Media downloader - Which was to be expected as a new extension to my setup
Comodo Web Inspector - Previously removed ( and the last installer respected that removal )
Comodo Share Page Service - Previously removed ^
PrivDog - Previously removed ^ I prefer Disconnect now

Are there any other sneaky re-installations we should be aware of ? Any registry entries for background services we may have to make to disable anything newly re-installed ?

EDIT : And what is this annoying fade in “You Can Drag stuff” sign which pops up ON EVERY PAGE REFRESH ??, I didn’t see that in the installer. Its worse than the “This page needs Adobe Flash” Banner

Is the installer going to re-install all this ■■■■ every time now ?

The browser has even lost its window dimensions, so also need re-sizing for my screen.

Supress HTTP Referrer had been switched off

Send “Do Not Track” had been switched off

Autofill had been switched back on O_o

Clear Browsing data settings had gone back to defaults

Clear at Exit had gone back to all of them off

All Content Settings had gone back to defaults :

Allow Local data - Was previously Keep until I quit

Allow Images - I train the browser what I want it to show

Allow Javascript - Same here as images

… I wont list them all, but suffice to say they all needed re-setting to my preferences.

Reference those settings for Images and Javascript - All of my previous exceptions for sites I do trust to allow Image and Javascript … Have all been lost which means I need to re-train the browser for every site again.

I also wonder - Are there going to be old settings and plugins and data gathered about all my previous sessions with the old version of this browser, stored in a uniquely named hidden folder, which are now redundant because the browser has lost track of it all …

… and left behind on my hard drive ?, how do we clean that out ?, any guidance ?

Or did the Installer in “Upgrade mode” sweep all of the previous setup out ??

One more problem, unfortunately

On a machine with multiple users on limited accounts

Times all of my previously reported problems above by the amount of users of that share the machine.

Five in my case, thank heavens I am not running a business using this software

One of my family ( own laptop ) used the automated upgrade which pops up in Dragon itself ( Download Now button ), and that went fine

My problems occured using the Installer to Upgrade, on both my laptop and the family desktop with multiple limited users ( installed as admin for the main installation which everyone uses )

Excellent, thank you.

While you are looking at that is there any chance the installer could be changed to something similar to LibreOffice installer ?

That installer has a page which allows you to deselect as many components of the installer as you wish, and the update installer side of that is very comprehensive in the way it will automatically look at your previous installation ( no matter how old the version ) and be able to successfully un-install every part of the previous installation … Before it catalogues and installs every component part of the new installation.

Users would then also get to not install some plugins / extensions / background services which currently we only get to do after the fact that they have been installed.

For the crowd your Browser is targetting, the current behaviour of your installer is not conducive to its reputation as being trustworthy. The surprise introduction of the Comodo Message Center Service for one example, which needs to be disabled with a registry key.;msg713955#msg713955