CD 31.1 Flash plugin Update & Install fails ?

Can someone explain why CD failed (3 times) to install the latest plugin even though it said it had installed it. There were no error messages.

The plugin wasn’t installed using cd ?? I had to use IE (with the other browser option) which installed the plugin for CD on my 1st attempt using the 'RUN’option. Is Adobe going out of it’s way to make this difficult ?

These endless Flash Plugin problems with CD are a constant problem. I don’t have a problem with IE V11. I’ve now spent another hour to finally succeed & write this forum problem.

Maybe a separate issue…The Adobe downloads (both CD & IE) are never in my download folder, (I’m forced to use ‘RUN’) even though I have CD settings to ask, & always save in the download folder ! The Adobe CD download (3 times) was supposed to be in my download folder. The download appeared to be OK, but the folder was empty. ??
I’m beginning to suspect I have a Windows 7 Pro Library conflict between the Windows download default folder & my download folder on my data drive, even though I browse to the data drive location for the download…