CD does not remember two windows with different tabs on exit


New to the club, but I came across something that I perceive as a bug in the otherwise fine CD, so I just had to make a comment about it in the forums…

In CD there’s an option to remember all (at that time) open tabs on exiting the program. Restarting the program results in opening all those tabs once again. Sometimes, though, I have two or three different CD windows open, all with different tabs open in them (one, for example, being used for searching for music (8 tabs), the second for work related stuff (13 tabs) and the third for online administration related tools (4 tabs)). If I exit one window by clicking on X in the right upper corner, without thinking about it and used to CD remembering my tabs, I’m sadly and suddenly left with the two remaining windows, the tabs in the third only retrievable through my history.

This happens fairly often and, as one hopefully can imagine, is quite annoying. Only when I close the program through the general CD file menu in the left upper corner (by choosing ‘Close’) all my windows and tabs are remembered.

Which begs for a simply little addition to the settings menu… being able to turn on or off ‘Ask me when I close a CD window whether I really want to close all tabs because they won’t be remembered on exit with an additional window or additional windows open’.

Hi and welcome chidentity,
The recently closed window is retrievable using the recently closed function, see the link below.
Recover previous browser session (Multiple Tabs).
Hope that helps.