cd 26 shows pink background

cd 26 shows pink background on some sites

It is installed under Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
in default location
it is the browser by default
I tried to look in settings- didn’t find anything helpful

I tried to downgrade to previous version - was not able to do it.

Like CD but had to give it up - back to Chrome

Thank you

Hi dona,
Sorry to see this happen.
This is the second time I have seen this occur for unknown reasons. :-
Do you have any extensions or themes added?
Previous versions can be downloaded at FileHippo.

I had some extensions but no other themes but the original one.

Can you, please, e-mail me if this isue is fixed in next version ? Because I realy like CD and I know it’s safer than Chrome and will prefer CD over Chrome.

I was able to download version 20 from FileHippo, installed it and, yes, it works well.
Now I am going to try to install version 25 and hope it will work, but I will still need you to tell when future versions will be out with fixed pink background thing.

Thank you

PS-let me know if you need my e-mail or you can already retrieve it from my account.

I could also download and install 25.2 and it still works well. I’m stopping here till I get good news from you so I can install newer versions.

Hi dona,
I would have suggested trying with all extensions disabled and if it fixed the issue, then enable one at a time until the culprit was found.
I can not personally tell if the next release has fixed the issue, as I am unable to reproduce the issue.

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Thank you for the suggestions.

I will wait for the next version (27) before updating.

Windows 7 - Ultimate - 64 Bits; Nvidia GT 430; NVidia 3D Vision; Back groud cor de rosa e problemas com DVDFab media player em full screen.

Após atualização do drive NVidia, versão de 12/05/2013, o problema foi resolvido, tanto no Comodo Dragon quanto no DVDFab Media Player.

After updating the NVidia drive the problem was solved.

Drive current: Version - 12/05/2013.