Can CCleaner (Or similar) change my scanner settings in Comodo Internet Security ?
And if so how do I counteract same

I guess your question is due to the settings of CCleaner in the picture. IDK exactly, most probably this is relates to support of Comodo Dragon. Anyway CIS will not allow any other programme to change its any settings, that’s for sure.

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Ta for reply
But since have deleted CCleaner with Revo…further have deleted any Registry leftovers manually,and re-installed but still Comodo does not show up under Applications (CCleaner). IE same as before !!!
So what do I do now ???
Ta in advance

hmm are you talking about the list of program in the start menu or in the actual program

i dont think ccleaner can delete the settings if the settings also protected unless of course if you accidentaly allowed the action

but i guess that setting only cleans temp files or maybe logs of comodo

Try CCenhancer. Comodo Dragon is on their list.

Hi Solarlynx,
That is not a default entry, most likely added through the use of an external .ini file.
Probably cleaning CertSentry logs.

Thanks for replies !
Perhaps I should have stated earlier that the main problem I had was with the Scheduled scans. They routinely reverted back to “My Computer” at 12.00 AM. This default time does not seem to exist !!
I then noticed that I was pressing “Apply” twice, once on the “Edit” window and again on the “Scheduled Scans” window. Since I stopped pressing “Apply” on the “Scheduled Scans” window everything so far seems to be stable :-[
PS Will give CCenhancer a spin following my next Incremental Image Backup and sorry if I have caused you any trouble.

YEAH…I have now tried CCenhancer…And it looks like ya have a chance of being right…Will keep informed so thanks !! :o :o

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