CCleaner Users ATTENTION!!

Avast acquires Piriform, makers of CCleaner

Avast just announced that the company has acquired the software company Piriform, best known for the software program CCleaner for Windows.

Source: Welcome Piriform to Avast!

Will you continue to use CCleaner ?

At first sight I see no harm.

Depends what they do really. Change . . . . up the Charge (for Pro) . . . . separate the Pro package . . . . integrate it closely with Avast?

Just have to wait and see what happens 88)

Depends. If Avast pretty much keeps them independent and is just looking to add another bloat to their products/advertise their paid products then I couldn’t care less.
Even if they integrate ads I can just block the connection using Comodo Firewall. A few additional nags won’t be enough to stop me from using the excellent and reliable CCleaner.

If CCleaner goes way downhill or gets discontinued, then Wise Care 365/Wise Disk Cleaner would be good free alternatives. Kerish Doctor is a good paid solution as well in this category.

I am also looking for alternatives (if bad senarios will happen)
Wise Care seems good alternative
The problem is not only CCleaner… Piriform had Recuva, Speccy, Defraggler as well…

I am sure Avast will implement tracking in these softs… Piriform privay policy and terms of use are gonna change, mark my word!

Pressrelease: Avast acquires Piriform, maker of CCleaner | Avast

Unsurprisingly, Avast wants to broaden their software catalogue, as the future for AV-vendors doesn’t look very sunny.

CCleaner is an excellent software, less a competitor of the “genre cleaning”;
I would love to see a new competitor, like the comodo system utilities with improvements, for example. >:-D

The thing that is strange about this is that why would Avast, a security company, want to acquire a system cleaner? I don’t see the correlation between providing security and being good at cleaning junk files (though I can see them using a marketing scheme to say that junk files pose a privacy risk, etc.). Not that I care for Avast, but it is somewhat vexing that a security company is associating itself with a third-party system cleaner, one that is highly regarded by myself and many others, especially because it is probably being used for a marketing scheme.

And they already have such junk cleaner software (called Avast Cleanup) ??? Avast bundles the Avast Cleanup with all their installers by default (opt-in)

They also have AVG TuneUp. I guess neither AVG TuneUp nor Avast Cleanup is as popular as CCleaner.

With the acquisition of Piriform, they also get their two million business customers.

I wonder how much Avast (and similar vendors) love Windows 10 S.

Yes you are right. They acquired AVG before. They want more users (but why?)

Windows also has billions of users, maybe Avast can acquire Microsoft ;D

They might hear you!

Avast bundles CCleaner with Avast Free Antivirus

So? Have you seen literally an of COMODO’s installers?

I have moved to this SW: Privacy Eraser: 1-click browsing history deletion, PC optimization & more

Oh Yes , I feel much safer now !!! 88)

Well that had to happen … ! :-X

Can anyone tell me “where is the CCleaner 5.38 Portable?” 88)

They deleted it from their website. The only build is bundled-installer 88)

The download link of portable build does not work

Anyone know what happening recently? They force people to use standart (avast bundled) installers.

According to their FB page, the portable version will be out in about a ‘week or so’ . . . . .

Lots complaints going in about Avast being bundled by default. Has to be an opt out in the options section apparently, when installing

I’ll wait until this license expires next year or see what happens before then. I can see a Subscription Service coming at this rate !!