CCleaner just added a new future!

This new future “clean free space” has been added…

Check it out, its awesome for all the paranoid guys/girls out there, who by accident deleted stuff without using write over file xx number of times bla bla, this future will re-delete those stuff… yay! =)

You’re speaking like you’re a paranoid user yourself >:-D

Nice feature, let’s use it ;D


i would love to hear your opinions about which cleaner app you prefer between Comodo System Cleaner and CCleaner pls.

thank you


CCleaner is good for novice users, CSC is good for advanced users. :slight_smile:

CRC for cleaning up and registry cleaning.

But uninstallation and startup are still easier and better in Ccleaner


CCleaner is very fast in wiping free space I think. And it’s extremely fast in cleaning files/privacy.

The most important thing that makes me keep CCleaner along with CSC is described in this wish:;msg239781#msg239781

I’d also like this but it’s less important to me.;msg245595#msg245595

I must admit I have not given it a go before… :slight_smile:

But I did now, and I read this:
And could not believe it… anyway, I let both CCleaner and COMODO Registy Cleaner run a registry scan the same time…

And to my surprise I must say that comodo is better at cleaning the registry… Not a little, it totaly pawns CCleaner at this task… Registries found by CCLeaner: 19… Found by Comodo Registry Cleaner: 1109!!! :-TU :-TU

:comodorocks: (V) Have yet to try out the other futures tho… But looks promising. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

how about the the file cleaning compared to CCleaner?
also how about the Safe delete feature in CSC just in case things gets deleted by mistake?

would love to hear your opinion on these pls.


I personally haven’t used Safe delete: not sure it is 100% safe. :stuck_out_tongue:

I use CCleaner. (I love to let others get all the bugs and me get the fixed up version.)

There are still a few apps possible to add in CSC for privacy/file cleaning, for example:

PDF-XChange Viewer
Media Player Classic
Adobe Flash

But most of all I miss custom cleaning. :-La

Thanks :slight_smile:

but how does it compare to ccleaner?

for the features that ccleaner offer and comparing that to CSC… which one does better and why?


I think CSC is better in terms of tweaking (CCleaner can only handle Add/Remove Applications and Autostart) - I really like the system settings (e.g. memory management) in the Comodo System Settings application.

As for file/privacy cleaning, I suppose CSC finds some stuff that CCleaner won’t find. But on the other hand, CCleaner finds things that CSC won’t find. Even more importantly, I think CCleaner cleans better thanks to the custom paths you can add. It’s simply excellent. CSC on the other hand can make backups of the things you clean, which is good. In obvious cases (every-day cleaning) it’s not needed but for “rare” cases it might be useful.

As for registry cleaning I’m sure CRC is the more powerful one. I don’t know how safe it really is, I think CCleaner is safer because it cleans less. However, the CRC Safe Delete feature is of course useful - along with the backup feature.

Bottom line, both applications have their strenghts, but you’ve been fast in developing CSC and listened well to the community so I’m sure you can take it one step further and make CSC clean even better. :slight_smile:


Tested the other futures too… I think its great that with CSC you can scan the registry at the same time as you scan the disk and analyse the privacy, thanks to them being different modules…

CCleaner is a bit simpler in my eyes, in a good way. But CSC seems to find more, especially when it comes to scanning the registry, sitting on my Gf’s computer right now and did a similar scan as home, But this time I first let CCleaner run and then CSC (did not remove anything until both scans was completed), CCleaner found 2 things in the registry, CSC found 581 entries, simply bashing CCleaner on the registry scan area.

Still when deleting files I know a few that like to be able to delete them several times, to make recovery of documents and such harder… CCleaner got the “write over X times” making any try to recover the files that much harder… And now this “write over free space” future…

Still I see more potential in CSC now after trying it out, but as for now I think CCleaner’s only function that CIS misses is those write over algorithms that paranoid people use that are afraid that their files could be easily recovered… And as stated by LeoniAquila the privacy cleaner could benefit from the ability to be able to detect more apps! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

EDIT:: I did not try the delete duplicates… found that one a bit scary… But CSC runs stable on both the test machines, good beta! =)