CCleaner & Icedragon

I searched the forum and found no info.

I downloaded the latest CCleaner and I don’t see any indication that CCleaner is clearing out Icedragon files-logs. I also ran that CC enhancer with no luck there.

One thing I have noticed running CCleaner when Firefox is open; a note pops up indicating it can’t clean while the browser is open. When I run CCleaner with Icedragon open it just sails right past with no pop-up note.

I guess I’m looking for a winapp.ini add-on for Icedragon, anybody got the code?

Hi and welcome ice-locos,
I emailed CCleaner (Piriform) back in early August with the wish for support of IceDragon to be added, they replied that it will be reviewed.
I have recently sent a reminder email with no response to date.

I have posted a workaround in the link below, but use caution as it has only been from my personal use.

Thanks, that post didn’t show up in my search.

The search function of the forum software is not great. You get better results letting Google search through

I would also like to see CCleaner and other Firefox helpers such as Firemin and SpeedyFox recognize CID (and other FF derivatives).

You can actually make it happen right now, but it is not easy. It depends on the use of “symbolic links”. That’s very common in the Linux world, where links can make a file appear to be in two or more places at one time.

Windows 7 (and I think Vista also) has this capability built in. There is a command-line utility called “mklink”. The tough part is getting the command prompt to open with enough permission to do it.

Once you have jumped that hurdle, rename the file “icedragon.exe” to “firefox.exe”. Then make a “hard link” to firefox.exe and name it icedragon.exe.

Then go to where your profile is stored. Exact location varies by specific operating system. Where Comodo is, create another directory at the same level and name it Mozilla. Under Comodo is a subdirectory Ice Dragon… Make a “soft symbolic link” or a "junction’ to a subdirectory under Mozilla, and rename that to Firefox.

Windows XP does not have linking built in, but there are a couple of freeware apps that can add it. Google for “” for the app and directions on how to use it. Then proceed as above.

I am disappointed that Piriform never followed through with my wish to add native support for CID, even with the new version 4. :cry:

I also wrote to them (Piriform) long ago, but no response. :frowning:

Thanks Jenny66, the more the merrier might give them a shake up. :-TU
I did get a reply that it will be reviewed by their support team shortly from Aug 2012, but that is all I have heard back.

I got Responses and recommendations from the support of CCleaner.
I can send you a PM for the analysis and deployment of the topic?

Thanks jenny66 sounds interesting, you are welcome to send a PM. :-TU

Yes please do send a PM if it is something you cannot or not sure about posting.

Thank you.

We finally got some recognition for our requests jenny66. :-TU
Finally: CCleaner adds support for IceDragon

Brilliant. :-TU
So all is not in vain. :wink: