CCleaner getting out to update- HOW

When I clicked to update CCleaner the learning window appeared for a moment. It connected.

When I check in Network Security Policy there is no entry for it.

Why is this?

OK that got me there, thanks.

I removed it from allow but it relearns it.

I added exe to the block and it wont update.

Is there a way to make it ask?

CCleaner cannot update itself. All it can do is tell you there is an update and it will link you to CCleaners site. Just uncheck check for updates in CCleaner. This site will keep you up to date on whatever you need to know. Bookmark it and browse it everyday. You can learn alot. I do not have CCleaner blocked by Comodo.

I am lost at what the poster wants to do.

I found this alternative. KC Softwares

After I click update in CCleaner I want the firewall to ask me to allow this.

I have this set for Spybot, Spywareblaster and etc.

I consider this to be more secure because I think malware can sometimes use other processes to call home.

I could remove CCleaner from allow and update it with FileHippo Update Checker if need be but I’m guessing that I will run into this again on another process ???

When I click Update on CCcleaner it opens up Internet Explorer like its suppose to. You can try to delete all entires of CCleaner in firewall and D+. Then put firewall and D+ in training mode and click update on CCleaner. All I did was install Comodo and everything works. Been that way with all versions. CCleaner has no internal update program. All it can do is link you to an update pages. I just clicked on it and this is what I got.

Thanks for all of the helpful replies, I think I may have found my answer?

I hadn’t followed Byakuya’s advice fully, I didn’t try the Parinoid mode after removing CCleaner from Allowed. With this removed and in Parinoid mode it now asks when I click on “Check for update”.

Thanks to all who helped :BNC :BNC :BNC :■■■■ (:LOV)

This brings up other questions. Since I just installed Comodo and it is still learning, seems it would be best to wait awhile before switching to Parinoid mode. Is this correct?

In Parinoid mode I will get more alerts even after the learning period?

After the learning period and operating in Parinoid mode I could switch to Clean PC mode or another temporarily for Comodo to learn an application and then back to Parinoid mode?

Any other disadvantages to running in Parinoid mode?

Any other suggestions? Other than don’t be parinoid!

Vettetech I have this board shortcut on my desktop and intend to visit here daily. Thanks for your help.

The “problem” is that ■■■■ Cleaner is trusted software (by comodo and it is digitally signed),
If you wanna see prompts from trusted (digitally signed) software vendors, you need to UNtick … (see image beneath)

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Thank you. Everyone is making this too complicated. I have been using CCleaner for years with no issues and also using Comodo with CCleaner and no issues. New versions of CCleaner only come out about ever 2 months or so.

Ok more point about this. I have CCleaner to close automaticlly when cleaning is done. Never the less CCleaner does not run in real time and does not require daily updates in order to work properly. All I do is open up CCleaner and click update. Then that will bring you to a page that checks your version to the current version. Its that easy.