Ccleaner (5.36) what IS the story?

After the well publicized ccleaner 5.33 malware issue I was under the impression that newer versions had resolved the issue and doing a search here show no articles past September 2017. But now when trying to update to 5.36 I get an alert from Comodo that a “Potentially Unwanted Application” has been detected as soon as I start the D/L process from Piriform’s webnsite. Is anyone else having an issue with this or have all Comodo users stopped using ccleaner? Or is it perhaps a false positive?

The basic history and story was this:

As I understand it, Piriform was removed from the Trusted Vendor List as a precaution for the time being. If you’re 64 bit, you should be fine, or if you have updated to the latest 32 bit. I would think numerous Comodo users have CCleaner and / or use it, but the ultimate choice is yours!

I use it occasionally but I have 64 bit and have added Piriform to the TVL again, with strict care of what I run and test using it

If you download the “PORTABLE” or “SLIM” version of CCleaner instead of the “STANDARD” default download, you won’t encounter any alerts from Comodo. It’s simply warning you to 3rd party offers present within the “STANDARD” CCleaner installer.

Thanks to all for your replies. I was aware of the portable file, but since I couldn’t even D/L the standard version without adding it to exceptions I wasn’t sure whether or not I could trust the portable version, once burned…

Or move on to BleachBit.