Portable CCE - KillSwitch shows company name for the processes like Microsoft, etc…

Integrated CCE - KillSwitch doesn’t shows the company name

I think it would be good if the integrated one too shows the company name, wot say?

Yes and if KillSwitch could be made lighter it would be nice. In its current state KillSwitch is a resource hog.

I don’t think it is meant to be open all day. More something you check periodically, and close soon after.

If its set to replace task manager then howz resource usage?

I like to check regularly my active connections. In CIS 5 you can do that easily through the summary page. To have the same information at a glance in CIS 6 KillSwitch must be left running.

I’d say click right on the header of any of the columns, then choose “Select columns” and add the Company name column.

Will check this with the next beta.

Dont have the current beta installed now.