CCE starts then stops/crashes.

CCE starts but closes before it finishes.

My system: Windows 7 64 SP1
Downloaded the latest CCE
When I run CCE it will start:
->starts and finishes “Initializing …”
→ Main Menu → I select Smart Scan
→ completes Registry Backup (I selected it)
→ Scanning MBR
→ starts the Autorun Entries → shows some registry entries and then about 30 seconds it stops and closes the window and that’s it no more CCE

This is from the CCE_20130607_070109.tmp log:
====== System Information ======
Computer Name: xxxxxxxxx
Log on User: xxxxxxxxx
Memory Size: 7.98 GB.
Windows Directory: C:\Windows
Windows Version: 7 (64bit)
CCE Version: 2.5.242177.201
Virus database version: 16389
[07:01:09] Scan started.

All help appreciated