CCE Scanners RealTime into CIS

CCE can correct problems malware has caused with Quick Repair functionality…

then just put the quick repair functionality and not whole CCE…

I’m still on my opinion…

True statement!

Following that idea, how would you “clean” the missed malware by other AV, when you have hundreds or thousands endpoints to clean? If you want to move to COMODO, would you uninstall third party AV and use CIS weak cleaning capability (deployed through the console) or will you use CCE on each computer spending countless hours and days and UNTIL THEN deploy CIS to protect the endpoints?

Cleaning and Protection meet.

+1 Yes i too face the same thing when cleaning multipe computers

Whitelisted malware in 99% of cases are just legit software with some nasty toolbars. That’s all.
I don;t think that you need Aggressive mode, aggressive disk access and MBR cleaner to remove toolbar.

What about the other 1%? :wink:

These are/were whitelisted malware:

Dont think they were that nice.

Cleaning depends on which AV has a cleaning script for the malware(s) that has infected your computer. It may require multiple AVs to clean an infection as it could be multiple infections.

i think the scenerio you are suggesting is more suitable for ESM to have CCE capability…so that if there is an infected computer, ESM will deploy CCE to clean it.

I think we are getting into the right place with this.

Could COMODO add into ESM the deployment of CCE?
That way this scenario is covered. :-TU

You know who to ask :slight_smile:

go ahead and ask them… :slight_smile:

You asked for it! I will. (:LGH) (:TNG)

hmm from what i see here CAV seems to be just for show and the real CAV is CCE saying that
CIS assets are the CFW , Defense+ and sandbox

but thats what im seeing in the forums and then again the greatest weakness of any security programs or maybe most protection based securty products is the users (especially those who do not know what theyre doing or mis-informed :P)

so im pro CIS + CCE even though i dont have experience with it :smiley:
but from what i have read is the forums if CCE will be integrated to CAV part of CIS i would suggest it for an option and probably ondemand scan only?

one more thing since CIS is for protection wouldnt CAV be somewhat flawed in the product line since its not good at detection??

i do suggest having CAV standalone having CCE
CAV product = CAV , def+ , sandbox , CCE
CFW product = CFW , def+ , sandbox [optional (CAV)]
CIS product = CFW , def+ , sandbox , CAV [optionam (CCE)]

though i know the 3 installer is the same just suggesting it though and yes the CFW one i dont have much of an idea :stuck_out_tongue:

I am not expecting CCE to immediately clean an infection that got past CIS. I am expecting CIS to be able to automatically remove any infection that it is able to detect or block like other good security s/w. Undetected malware should be automatically removed once required signature/engine updates have been applied. With CCE separate from CIS this may be a manual process. If you want CIS to be popular with ordinary users this would not be a good selling point.

Integrating Killswitch and autorun integrated into CIS are more than enough for CIS to give users more power and cleaning capabilities

if a malware can bypass, then it usually disables access to updates etc…so if you are infected…don’t expect updates to clean it for you…