CCE Recognized Ad-Aware as Backdoor.Win32.Evilbot.SJ

I recently became infected and used multiple products to try to clean it. The last one I tried was CCE. It, among other places, found malware in Ad-Aware, saying that the threat was Backdoor.Win32.Evilbot.SJ. It also found malware embedded in system components and when it cleaned it, the PC became unbootable.

As a result, I wiped my drive and started over. Now that I’m up and running again, I re-download and installed Ad-Aware as my real-time AV. Just for the fun of it, I ran CCE again, and it is still reporting Ad-Aware as Backdoor.Win32.Evilbot.SJ. Has anyone experienced this? Is it a false positive or should I be afraid?

W7 x64

Try reporting it as a false positive here. They’ll check out the file and let you know the verdict by email.

Thanks and please let us know what they say.

Submitted. And I’ll let you know.