CCE Databases

Where does inbuilt CCE stores the databases?

I dont have AV installed but I update CCE databases. Now if I install AV & want to import databases from CCE where to look for?

its inside the scanner folder the base.cav


I am talking about CCE in CIS 6 & not standalone CCE.

CCE built in to CIS6 uses the same set of bases as CAV6, i.e., bases.cav–9MB and b00XXX.cav–120MB.

Unfortunately we do not yet have a CCE build (separate) which supports this bases structure.

Meanwhile for CCE 2.5 (latest available), you have to download bases.cav–120MB from this page manually.

I guess either you guys are not getting me or I am not making it clear.

What I meant was…

I have installed FW & D+ without AV

Through CIS GUI I ran CCE & updated it. Now AV stores the databases in scanners folder but CCE doesn’t stores the databases in scanners folders as I checked after updating CCE there are not databases in scanners folder, only bases.cav is there.

But I updated CCE so that means somewhere CCE stores the databases which I can import if I install AV too, Or if I install AV the databases will be automatically picked up by AV?

could you look if there are any in


was going to test updating the in built CCE to find out where the base cav wents but

uninstalling the antivirus part from a CIS that already have the CCE built in makes the CCE unusuable

so i wasnt able to test where it puts the definitions

I checked programdata folder & user accounts folders - local, local low & roaming but couldn’t find CCE databases.

sorry thats all i can think of hope someone can help you out