CCE closes shortly after it starts to scan

Is it normal for CCE to close a few seconds after it begins to scan my PC? I get no results page, error messages or anything, the program just vanishes after the scan begins.

Are you running this from a flash drive or from the hard drive. Also is this a standalone version or the version that comes through CIS ?


I have the same problem.
When I start CCE (64 Bit) 2.5.242177.201 and check the Options or Check for Updates…all is fine.
Then i click on Smart Scan: Updating Virus signatures and when this part finished, CCE begin to scan. After some seconds of scanning (normal, files wich are scanned are displayed) CCE crashes and the process is closed. (The time in which the programm is crashing, is a bit randomly…2-5 seconds maybe)

When i click on Full Scan: After scan MBR (1 or 2 seconds of scanning) CCE tells me, that i have to reboot my PC as part of the scan. After Reboot CCE starts through autorun and crash/process closed.

My configuration:
Windows 7 (64 Bit), all Windows Updates are installed
Bitdefender Total Sercurity (same problem when Realtime-scan is disabled)

In early times CCE was running on my PC (through CIS), but i changed and want to try Bitdefender Total Security.

Any ideas?

Sry for my bad school-english :wink:

Did you ever receive a reply?

In other topics, yes. In this topic it looks nobody has an idea… :-\