CCE and CCE autorun analyser crash/stops during scanning

I’m running windows7 (64) and have the latest symantec Norton Internet Security running on my system. NIS says my system is secure.

But when running CCE.exe and autoruns.exe these programs stops without giving a warning or whatever during scanning.

First I ran CCE. It updated the definitions, restarted the PC. I started the full scan and seeing a scan of MBR start but then it stops. I see a percentage of 1% but then it’s gone.
Even so with autoruns.exe. I see a scanning in progress but within half a minute the program stops during the scanning in progress.

In the data directory I see dumps for CCE and for autorun analyser. But I can’t read them with an editor, special characters…

I attach them.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Thanks for your support! We will look into it, if there is a bug we will fix it.
BTW, what is your Symantec NIS version?

Best Regards.

NIS 2012, version

Thanks in advance for looking into it.