CCCleaner - vs - CIS6 whats that ?

Just have cleaned registry with CCCleaner and :THNK have look please photo attached .
Did anyone know whats that ?
Have allowed to clean & now Im not sure it was right :-\

[attachment deleted by admin]

same here I’m also curious to know what that entry is exactly and if it safe to clean it with ccleaner.

Just thinking out loud. May be CCleaner is using a kernel mode driver?

I have cleaned this entry many times and have never experienced any side effects, seems safe to remove, it always seems to come back after been removed so I think CIS re-creates, is another reason I feel it does no harm to remove as CIS re-creates and no harm is done long term :slight_smile:

confirmed :-TU

Yep now I can confirm this too :-TU

Thats right :-TU

Thanks you all for help & comments :love: