CCAV with realtime scan disable

I’d like to ask this question after posting this thread:

Has anyone tried to run CCAV with the realtime scan disable?
Do you get any warning from the GUI ?
Is file rating still working even if you disable the realtime scan? How?

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

I have run it that way. I had no problems. The GUI gives you a big, ugly warning, but just ignore it.

Autosandbox still responds to file rating just the same. File rating is a different data base, it’s not connected to the AV.

Same here; nice warning. but everything carries on as normal!

OK, thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:
Alongside the auto-sandbox, are you using a 3rd party AV ?

When I did this, I ran a combo of Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 and CCAV (AV disabled).
Surprisingly enough, it worked well.

CIS 10 and CCAV (just for fun!) . . . nothing else

ok, thanks :slight_smile:
so, it seems that disabling the AV realtime scan makes CCAV compatible with 3rd party AVs :slight_smile:

But CCAV does need a lot more work in other areas.
It silently blocks certain processes.
It prompts or sandboxes certain processes even if they were already “trusted”.
You have to click three times to get the settings to open.

Strange, it’s a couple of days that I’ve been using CCAV and I haven’t experienced any of those issues so far

Everyone’s system is different. I’m always the one who has more issues than everyone else…