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Apologies for the noob questions but hopefully someone can answer my question here :). Does CCAV replace CAV now? I have previously run CAV in the past. Will CCAV offer the same protection as CAV? What are the pros/cons of CCAV over CAV?


from what I understand is a stand-alone product.
as i know it will not replace the cav. at least not in cis.

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Thanks for your reply :). Maybe this is a question for the devs or Melih for technical details.

I’m sure both products protect well but why should I install CCAV over CAV? I don’t feel I need to install CIS (for firewall part) as I am behind a router/firewall (using windows firewall) and I’m basing my security on protection (sandboxing) rather than detection. Which would benefit (protect) me more, CCAV or CAV?


Informatons from : Cloud Antivirus | Comodo Free Proactive Protection Software

[b]How CCAV determines file rating?[/b]

CCAV first checks file signature in trusted vendor list embedded in it, then if not matched, it goes to FLS to query file rating from hash. Returned rating can be safe, unknown or malicious

How CCAV sandbox is different from CIS sandbox?

CCAV sandbox is a light weighted sandbox, it does not rely on service or filter drivers. It is implemented purely from user mode hooks. CCAV sandbox does not have COM/Service virtualization which CIS has. Besides, unlike CIS which has one global sandbox instance, different CCAV applications have their own sandbox instance while child process inherits sandbox instance from parent process

Features that CIS has but CCAV does not have?

Firewall, HIPS, local antivirus engine

Hi yigido

Thanks for your reply :). So going by your reply (quote), I think I will be better protected with CAV as this offers system protection. Is that correct? Will “user mode hooks” only protect the currently logged on user and not system vulnerabilities or does Windows 10 offer some protection against this?


You have to ask this to staffs. I have not much knowledge about it. But yes CAV and CIS give you strongest security.

Hi Graham 1.
In my opinion ccav should be enough, and it will be a powerful tool, but I think we need to wait a while until everything will be well implemented . as far as I know Comodo needs more time to manage to make things right. antivirus for android was buggy at first , and now it’s okay .