CCAV Hotfix is available today ; Performance issues solved !

Hi alls !!
Like many others , i know that we normally don’t have to had 2 antivirus on a PC because they work against each other and this became a problem.
But with this new cloud technology and possibility … i ask myself if there is a way to join CCAV to CIS on the same computer and by this gain any benefit at all ???
So this is my question to you … possible or not ??

Thanks in advance !!

Devs need to implement atleast a local file rating and make this run as soon as ccav gets installed.

These are my experiences with the new COMODO Cloud Antivirus (version 1.0373531.68) :

1.) A small delay is present when initiating a system restart (Start, Power, Restart).
2.) Small delays when launching and or using certain applications.
3.) There is a loading delay for comodo processes as well as the system tray icon (On new boot up/after new system restart).
4.) COMODO Cloud Antivirus doesn’t register with Security Center/Security and Maintenance.
5.) According to Windows Task Manager, Startup impact is High (Shouldn’t this be medium or low, considering this is suppose to be a light application?)

In case this helps, I am using:

Windows 10 Professional 64-bit, with no other applications on startup.

I can’t seem to use CCAV as it thinks that I have CIS and then cancels the installation but I only have the firewall installed.

Maybe you have use the complete Comodo internet security installer and only install the firewall part … CCAV think you have CIS completly installed because CIS create file to this name.

If you try download the ONLY firewall installer, this can change the way CCAV see your installed product and solve this problem.

Thanks for you told us ,
I want to konw whether the influence of the startup is very high every time ,we test some times , but only the first time to install is high influence .
Can you give us more information?

Hi GoDHimself,
The Firewall is a component of Comodo Internet Security, the Firewall installer is scripted to select the Firewall only automatically.
The result would be the same if you select the Firewall only during installation using the internet security installer.
Switch Between Complete CIS Suite and Individual Components (just AV or FW)

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Trusted Vendor List is already implemented in CCAV, this is inform to you.
BuketB told this. Please see

im not surprised. i never managed to make CIS/CCAV working with Sandboxie; something in Comodo block Sandboxie from running; because of this, Comodo is out of my system.

CCAV causes horrendous grinding of my HDD when copying a movie to my Sandisk Extreme 3.0 32GB USB drive. Also, it was copying it at only 30MB/s where without CCAV it copies the files to USB at over 60MB/s with no grinding at all. I don’t know why this is happening but one thing is for sure, it’s not normal.

Thank you yigido :-TU :-TU

This product is what you need to be protected :-TU

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Hi Guys,

Correct, you can add this app on the trusted applications list.

Please also try right click and run as trusted application; for now it is not configured to be added on trusted applications permanently but you are able to run it trusted instantly. What do you think about this behaviour ? Do you think once you right click and run as trusted it should be added on this list or run instantly ?

Let me know your idea please.

Kind Regards

I think would be good if run as trusted is configured to be added on trusted apps.

If I have to add all the files to trusted applications list manually, that means I do most of the job and CCAV does less. It must be the opposite.

I asked for a changelog, but nobody actually responded. I need to know if the long full scan issue is fixed.

Exactly. It kinda defeats the purpose of security software if decisions are up to you in the end 90% of the time. CIS is a lot more quiet in this regard, I don’t get it why haven’t they ported whitelisting part directly from it…

Maybe I expresssed myself in a bad way.

What needs to be implemented on ccav é local file rating / reputation scan.

Hmm I see now. and I like the idea, the rating scan option will be good. After rating scan the unknowns can be send to Valkyrie to analyze and make the final verdict as ‘Clean’ or ‘Malware’
+1 :-TU

Hi Buket,

Actually I like this right click option. It is easy to add trusted application from right click. It is better for novice users :-TU
Please keep it

Hello 23,

We will give you the fixlist at the earliest time.

For your kind information