Hi there.

I’ve been usin Comodo fw few years now and been very happy with it. Now I decided to change my av from avast to something else (too much unneeded ads etc.). I decided to to give CCAV a try. It installed fine and is behaving also fine. But now I have two comodo widgets in desktop and both programs are telling me that they have sandbox and other features on both of them. Do I have overlapping features here? In other words am I running two instances of same protection features?

Thanks in advance.

Leave Sandbox set in CCAV, and turn off Auto-Containment in CIS . . . . you get the best of both worlds, no conflict and no warnings

I’ve been running this way for a couple of years on various Windows systems with no problems whatsoever

Thank you for your answer Ploget. Will change my settings as you suggested. Are there any other settings I should change to ensure flawless function between ccav and cf?

cıs = ccav+cf isnt it

Nothing else to change, apart from your own particular settings that you may want

COMODO Antivirus Free + COMODO Firewall Free = COMODO Internet Security Premium (Free)

Same program but with different modules/shields installed. (and configuration selected)

COMODO Cloud Antivirus
Slimmed down version, Cloud signature, no local Malware Signature, No HIPS or Firewall.
But it does have Net Traffic Control Over Sandbox Apps

thanks for explanation