Any one know why all my Windows PCs are being bombarded by incoming ICMPv4 from which belongs to CCANET UK which I believe has something to do with Comodo?
They are being rightfully blocked but it’s happening every couple of seconds and my logs are full of these events.

OK I’ve blocked this IP address at the router.

Seems to be a 3rd party CDN used by Comodo.

At this point I don’t care who it is and whether it is legit or not because it’s behaving like a DoS attack with an incoming request every few seconds on both my PCs. My Comodo logs are enormous! CIS was rightfully blocking it but I’d rather not have the traffic in the first place.

I can say I have noticed this exact same behavior (CCANET incoming connection attempts being blocked by Firewall) in past CIS versions, it happened on rare occasions, let’s hope the moderators or devs have some kind of explanation for this?