.cbysnc files - how to delete

I installed Comodo Backup and used the synchronized backup. I have since decided to un-install the Comodo Backup product.

I now have the .cbsync directories and the CBU metafiles in every folder. How do delete all the .cbsync directories and the CBU metafiles they contained. I delete them and they are re-created. Is there a mechanism to disabled the CBU synchronisation service (Backup product is uninstalled)?



If Comodo Backup is uninstalled the synchronization service shouldn’t be present(It is still running after a reboot?). You can manualy delete the registry values that represent the backup job in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ComodoGroup\ComodoBackup\ScheduleList key. If you delete them the job would not run again thus not creating the .cbsync directories.

Thank you for the feedback.