CBU ver 3 Installation Problem

I have tried twice to install CBU3. Both times when rebooting as required by the installation process, after installing the CBU updates the PC starts the reboot process. It continues rebooting for about 10-15 seconds and then stops working. It stops on the screen which states “© Microsoft Corporation”. Only after a lot of hassels am I able to get the PC working again, wouldn’t even reboot into safe mode!

My PC is a HP dual core Intel, 2 Gigs memory, Vista Home Premium SP2 (32 bit) and is up to date with all Windows updates, and is protected by CIS.

Can anyone help?


Do you have CIS 5?
There were a few similar problems reported.


Yes, I have CIS installed.


One of the reasons why computer may freeze completely is your computer debugger might be ON.
Computer might stall if CB and CIS are installed. There are some issues with some CIS service occurring only when computer debugger is ON.
You can make sure debugging is disabled by running the following command “bcdedit /debug off”


Thank you for the advice, which worked.

However when I tried my first backup with Ver. 3 it came up with “error code 97”.
Can you please advise what this error is?

It’s something about an invalid request.
Can you please give more details how you got this error.


I have tried to backup several times more, but always the same result. At step 1 I select full backup, files & directories, C:\ drive, and simple copy. I select/deselect the individual folders/files that I want backed up. At step 2 I select CD/DVD/BD. At steps 3, 4 & 5 I do not make any changes. I then click on backup now and it almost immedately comes up with the message “backup process failed with code 97”. I have run the backup as administrator. The same result when I clicked on backup now at the end of step2.


There are some known issues regarding simple copy backup to optical media.
These issues are currently being fixed and an update will be available very soon.
For the moment, please try to create the backup as a .cbu file when writing to an optical media.

Thank you for reporting this problem.