CBU v3 Online Help: Formatting Error


Just want to let you know that the table f backup commands and their arguments in Using The Command Line Interface And Script Files >> Running A Backup Task From The Command Line Interface is wider than the web page. As a result the right hand edge of the table is cropped.


What browser are you using?
Can you please post a screenshot?



Thanks for your prompt response. I am using the current Internet Explorer v8.0.6001.18702 under XP/SP3.

I attach 2 screen snaps:

  • CBU Snap 1 which shows the problem with the table being cropped on the right;
  • CBU Snap 2 which shows by way of comparison the corresponding table of restore commands and their arguments without any cropping.

It looks to me that the backup commands table is wider than the restore commands table. Anyway I hope this helps. Please let know if you require any other info.


[attachment deleted by admin]

Thank you for reporting this issue.
It will be fixed soon.