CBU gives popup with non administrator user

I’m using Comodo Backup since a few days.
But when my children are using their user (without administrator right) they receive popup coming from CBU saying that you have to ghave administrator right to run CBU … but they didn’t start CBU …
Could somebody help me ?
Thanks a lot


CB v2 is not design to run on other accounts than administrator.
Tough, we will take this issue into consideration for future releases.


“Tough”? Maybe you don’t speak American English normally, so FYI: “tough” sounds like you’re saying “that’s your problem, not ours.”

This inability to run as a non-Administrator is poor design. This is especially true because Comodo Backup installs itself as a service that tries to start up, apparently under the account that’s logging in – and if that account doesn’t have Admin privs, this error pops up just from logging in.

If the user runs Comodo Backup as Administrator, then features like “Backup mail” and “Backup documents” only work for the Administrator account, making them essentially worthless for the preferred case where the regular users are not Admin.

Logging in under an account without Admin privs is considered Best Practice – if you do this, its a lot harder for malware to be installed on your computer. Whether the problem is that Comodo doesn’t understand that fact, or that Comodo doesn’t care, this behavior of your software is a strong argument against using your software.

I understand that some of the features do require Admin privileges, but the correct behavior is for the program to start for anyone and allow those features that don’t require access to system files.

I think he meant “Though”, Emanual is from Romania, means his first language is not English.

By “though”, I ment “although”, sorry…

The new version of Comodo BackUp which is now in BETA is designed to run for both admin and non-admin users.