.CBU File Size Question

I have several back up jobs, however I am curious to the compression with .cbu files.

For instance my documents directory is 218GB as it is, I have medium compression on but the backup file is 222GB. Wheres it gained 4GB from? Isn’t it supposed to make it smaller not bigger?

Same goes for the other back up jobs, the resulting backup is always bigger than the original directory even with compression on medium.


Hi Jon,

The backup size can be larger than original if the data in the source is already compressed.
Some files have compression by default (jpg, avi, mp3, etc).
You can use use no compression in this case.



Many thanks for the reply, hardly any of the files were already compressed, I will experminent and see if I can reproduce it on another directory.

Also I am using incremental backup, I have done the first full backup and only 1 file has been added to the directory to be backed up, however the incremental backup is still taking nearly an hour to start, is this normal?


We will optimize incremental backup in next release.


Excellent, thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile: