CBU Error Code 97 "Could not retreive disk signature".

Hi COMMODO Support Team,
I have tried to use COMODO Backup in 2 different scenarios:

  1. Added it to the Win7PE_SE Project (64 bit) and also added the oledlg.dll to the install folder and booted the created live disk.

  2. Copied the installation folder to a new PC (both PC s have Windows 7 64 bit installed).

Whenever i try to make a partition backup in both cases i get a message “Error Occurred. Could not retrieve disk signature” (code 97). My destination drives hab more free space than the source drives.

The only topic for code 97 I found on your forum was the post
which concluded that it was an internal error and is going to be fixed with the next release.

Is the same case with my situations ?

If it is not possible to use CBU as portable version, why so? There are many backup programs (e.g. DriveImage XML) which do not require installation. I already COMODO products and was looking for a lightweight and powerful backup program. I would very much like to use CBU if it could back up partitions as an “outside program” without installing itself on them.

Thank you very much in advance


The PE environment is used for restore, not backup.
You may use CBU as portable, but you have to backup as files & directories. Disk/partition backup doesn’t work.