CBU backup

What does CBU backup mean. I think it is a system image I can use to restore my old system in a new hard drive but I’m not sure. Freddy

CBU backup represents the way data will be stored and it is the default option for backups performed with Comodo Backup.

For example, a disk/partition can be backed up as CBU file (which is a sector-by-sector image) or it can be mirrored over another disk/partition (in this case the target disk/partition will be an exact replica of the source and all previous data on it will be overwritten).


Emanuel - what good is having a CBU backup file if you cannot access it across different platforms?

I backed up my files in a Self-Extracting Executable thinking that this would work cross-platform from Windows XP 32 bit to Windows 7 x64 bit. Now I have a file that I cannot extract, cannot open, and cannot restore my data from!

I trusted nearly 5-6 YEARS worth of data to COMODO backup and neither version 3.0 or version 4.0 of the program seem to be able to restore it. What gives? How can I get my files back?

See my answer in this post.
The cbu files can be moved to other OSes, only self extractable cbus should be used on the same platform type (32bit or 64bit).