cbackup to NAS permissions

Related to CoryK’s query but not wishing to hijack his topic:

What access permissions on NAS are required for CB to find a previous full backup that was made as the base for incremental/differentials on a regular basis (I understand that I may have to wait for a fix for “Simple Copy” to work). Does it run under user (admin privelaged) or admin (superuser) credentials over Win 7
I’ve had to change the NAS setup several times since incorporating into my LAN and installation of CB to ensure management access from 2 different machines (xp and win7) but in doing so have progressively lost CB’s ability to make any backup at all with varying error messages with codes but now mostly bland “error” or “cannot find network” . . .


Read access is enough for base full backup.

I suggest you wait. :slight_smile:

Screen-shots would be nice, with backup log included so we can determine the exact cause.


hi Emanuel
Sorry this has taken so long, the Win 7 machine which I’m trying to back up is in work use pretty much all day . . .
Screens of attempts, last 2 CB froze and needed Task Manager to stop, typical occurance at present.
I have no way of knowing whether the debugs actually represent what’s going on - how can I read these myself?
The NAS has a user share (as workgroup, that is: not mapped) with r/w permissions for the same name account on W7 machine. All shared files in folder are visible and editable through the NAS interface logged onto that account but CB doesn’t see any I guess.
I’ve previously attempted this process with different account settings, successfully made a new full backup as simple copy, but attempts at using that base with same settings for an incremental backup thereafter have failed.

I’d appreciate any insight, thanks.

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From the logs I can see that another connection to NAS has already been established.
Does CBU file backup to NAS work?
This might be the cause. Windows doesn’t allow different credentials to be used at the same time to a network storage.
If CBU file backup doesn’t work, please create another debug file.
I assume the backup process will fail with code 53.
I know what the problem might be and how to fix it, but I need confirmation.



here you are: file backup of a Firefox installer, screens and debug (no need to say, but I will, that the network was unavailable). I hadn’t “touched” the shared folder on NAS since boot on the xp machine, tho’ I did access the separate media folder for a quick read of content. There was no error code as CBU froze once more.

Thanks …

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Thank you.
The issue will be fixed in an update.