CB window doesn't appear

When CB is started, both manually or automatic, the icon appears on screen lower bar but clicking on it, the control window did not appear as usual.
I can see the icon flying to the center of the screen but then disappears and no window opens.

I’ve been running CB for months without problem and, suddenly, I can’t open the control window any more.
I’ve been searching for any “configurator.exe” and/or config files in user/AppData trying to find some parameters enabling running on background or something else that makes sense to that without success.

I’ve also uninstalled and installed again comodo backup but the window doesn’t appear.
Platform: windows 7 64 bits Home premium.
Any Idea?


Could you tell us which CB version you are currently using and if the “CBU.exe” process is active in the Task Manager after you run the application? A list of the security software you are currently running on your system would also be useful.

Thank you for your support.

Yes, CBU.exe is running
Under process properties, it’s said tha version is: 3.0.171317.133
I’ve donwloaded it again few days ago and reinstalled it, so this should be the last.
As security I have installed Comodo security version 5.8.213334.2131
see attached

[attachment deleted by admin]


Please download the latest version of Comodo Backup from this link and inform us if the issue still occurs.

Thank you.

Ok, I’ll do

I’ve installed this version, did backups for a while and seems to work properly.