CB v. 3.0.171317.133 feedback.dll bug

I’ve downloaded CB_3.0.171317.133_xp_vista_server2003_server2008_win7.exe from you site.
Tried to use it on Windows server 2008 r2/sp1 x64. It successfully installs, but about 5 seconds after launch it crashes with error report in feedback.dll. Exception code c0000005. Removing or renaming feedback.dll solves the issue.


We are aware of the issue.
It should be fixed in Comodo BackUp v4, which is now in BETA stage here.
If the issue is still present, please create a dump file of the CBU.exe process when crash occurs. To create a dump file you need to go to Windows Task Manager → Processes → CBU.exe → right-click → create dump file.