CB Unable to Calculate Size

My system is Windows 7. Backup doesn’t function. Keeps saying “unable to calculate size…please wait.”

The folder I want to back up is 3GB, using “simple copy” mode. Using the latest version of CB, which I just downloaded and installed yesterday.


Please provide us with more information regarding: the 3GB backup source, the destination for your backup, any custom backup settings used in Step3. Also please tell us whether the User Account Control is enabled or disabled and what other backup and security software you have installed and their status (enabled/disabled). You may also include a screenshot when this issue occurs and the debug logs. The steps required for collecting the debug logs can be found here:

Thank you for your support!

Thanks but no thanks. I’ve already moved on…found two other backup services that run seamlessly, fast, and w/o glitches. I did not sign up w/Comodo to be a beta tester.

Thank you for your support!

Huh? I’m not part of your support team, I’m a disappointed user. Bye-bye Comodo; hope you get all your glitches worked out some sunny day in the near future!