CB & TrueCrypt Containers (limited recognition and no backup)

I downloaded and installed the latest version of CB to evaluate progress on the program. Many nice improvements since I last checked. I did want to report one problem I ran into. On my PC, I have 2-TrueCrypt containers that are designated as drives G:\ and H:. During the defining of the “Files and Folders” to be scanned, the encrypted containers are recognized and I designated those items I wanted backed up. However, after running the backup, I saw that those items designated on these containers (G:\ and H:) were NOT included in the backup. I went to “Edit” backup to make sure that I had correctly identified those items within these containers to be backed up. However, these containers are NOT listed in the Edit Backup feature. I can only assume that this may be associated with the reason that the selected content of these containers did NOT get backed up.

One final observation involved being able to edit the choice as to how CB will run the backup itself. This included things like exiting when completed, run as a service, etc.

I’m running XP, SP3, fully patched.
I was running CIS fully patched with all components open. However, because of recent problems with cmdagent.exe, resulting in very slow boot times and program access, I’ve disabled the AV in favor of Avast 5 until the problem is finally resolved.

The 2 encrypted containers are both 32-bit (residing on a USB stick. I initially had TrueCrypt loaded on my C:, however I would not be able to install CTM with that program residing. So I’m running a portable version from a USB and moved both containers to the USB as well.

I hope this information is of some value to the development team working with CB. -SA Jack

I’m sure I read somewhere that either CB And/Or CTM don’t like/do encrypted files, I know this is not exactly the most helpful reply and you most likely gathered that this is the case. But, I wonder if someone could shed some light on this for clarification for both me and the OP.


I know CTM will not work with an encrypted partition, and that’s understandable. I’ve also seen discussions on this forum suggesting that TC containers may be able to co-exist with CTM.

With respect to backup, I currently run the exact same backup that I created with CB, using Cobian, and there are no problems. I also want my local backup to be able to run, even when the PC is on standby. And although Cobian does operate as a service, and will run if I"m not the current logged-in user; it won’t start if the PC is in standby mode. I was not able to test this capability with CB because I wasn’t able to access that editing option on my original backup setup.

this is just a guess but I don’t think you will be able to back up encrypted files due to what in essence encryption is, the files will be scrambled to CB. You can back up the file containers themselves in there unmounted form but to back up files inside an encrypted container you will have to decrypt them by moving them outside the container, thus removing the security of encrypting them.

i am not sure why Cobian will be able to do this maybe it just simply moves the files out of the container when its mounted.


When Cobian runs, my TC containers are open and active. Cobian simply backs up the specific files/folders I designate. It is not -to the best of my knowledge- working with encrypted data from within the containers. I backup to a zipped file and when I go in to check, the files from the container are unencrypted, and I’m able to open, copy, or move these files from the zip file just like any other file. I do online backup using Jungle Disk, backing up to an Amazon S3 server. The process is identical to that performed with Cobian, and no problems.