CB on Sync Folders

I am sync two folder, and would like to have any updated files, copied over, BUT first, would want the file that is being replaced, thrown into the trash, then the new file copied… I don’t want CB to delete the files.
I will delete the trash myself… is there a way to setup this ??


Unfortunately not - the movement/replacement of files is handled by CB.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Is there a way, to secure delete as coping over new data, or change data…?
instead of just deleting the files…

That is why I posted the question, some files that are sync are emails… documents…etc
and I would want to make sure they are deleted… ( forever )

I really do like the application CB, but thought it could use some tweaks,
in the deleting of old files, message…etc or whatever your are syncing.


You could run a secure delete application after the backup - CB can run an app either before or after a backup.

How can this be done…?
since the sync is in process, the sync (process) it would have to be built in ( like Karen’s Replicator )
which I have been using for Years… other wise, the app CB can tell the other app, hey after I am finished here, clean up this part…! 88)

So, That why it is needed durning the backup to choose delete before using secure methods,
or not secure methods, or move into the trash…


Oops - off with my head and on with a pumpkin. :wink: You can’t run the "post backup"option in a sync backup job.

Mea culpa.

Ewen :slight_smile: