CB not overwriting old backups?

Ive been using CB for a while now and used to backup as .cbu files. Every new backup would overwrite the old .cbu file. A few weeks back, I decided to switch to “Simple Copy” backups since I wanted a browsable backup that I can pick and choose files from as though I simply copy and pasted my hard drive. This seems to be what I want.

I run 2 backups on schedule. One for the C: drive and one for D:. The D: drive backs up perfectly fine but C: and overwrite the old Simple Copy. There are files that exist on my C: drive that dont appear in my backups. Also, the “date last modified” on the backup is 6/4/2011 even though there are files on my C: drive that have been modified since.

For instance, I just ran a backup today (6/14/11) and the game saves in that backup are only up to date as of 6/7/11…even though I have saves as late as 6/9/11 on my C: drive.

One thing I feel like I should note is that I was on the computer at the time the backup was taking place. Nothing major, just internet browsing, but I was wondering if that could mess with the backups and have it “Forget” to update certain files?

The fact that you were on the computer while backup was taking place shouldn’t mess with the backup job.
The issue should be fixed in next release. You can check the latest BETA here: https://forums.comodo.com/beta-corner-cb-b171.0/


Thank you.

One more question:
Isee that theres going to be a PRO version with the next release? ANy word on price for this? Will it be easy to upgrade from free to Pro and will it let us keep all our current settings when we do so?

Ive been using CB for a while now and would love to pay for the product.


Yes, it will.

Not yet.

Yes, the settings will be maintained and the upgrade will be very easy.