CB makes KeePass to crash

I’ve installed CB but couldn’t keep it because it makes KeePass to crash all the time, even when CB is not being used. Since I can’t work without KeePass, I had to remove CB. Now KeePass works fine again. Before uninstalling CB, I checked KeePass.exe with MS Sysinternals Process Monitor, and found that KeePass was trying to read several Registry keys from CB (I don’t know why).

My environment:

Please, can someone help me? I’d love to be able to use CB, but can’t go on with this incompatibility.

Thanks in advance.


I can reproduce this issue on my machine as well!

My Enviroment is:

  • Windows 7 64bit
  • Installed Keepass
  • Administrator with activated UAC
  • CIS on paranoid mode
  • lots of other software running…

It’s unbelievable how long it took me to track it down to CB… and now someone else has posted this here… (one by one i did uninstall applications and even CIS, which is absolutly not the cause of this issue)
Just to provide additional info i got:

  • I have a minidump of the hanging keepass program (if a admin wants it, he should send me a message)
  • From the Stacktrace i would assume that really !any! Windows Form Application should be affected
  • This is no issue in keepass itself, as i downlaoded the sourcecode and reproduced the issue (when it is not in Comodo Backup, which is most likely not the case, it is in the .net Framework)
  • I tried to recompile keepass for the .net2 and 3.5 and the issue remains, so its even more likely to come from CB

Like the threadstarter it is no option to not use keepass so CB has to be uninstalled. Sad because it did look promising.

Hope this can be fixed,

I can tell this is not always the case. I use both CB and KeePass on Win7 x64

Maybe only with certain configurations of one of the tools?

I don’t know the details (and this is why I’m asking for help ;)), but I’ve tried this: using Process Monitor (sysinternals) to record KeePass activity. A huge log was generated (tens of thousands of events!). So I filtered out every event that had not “comodo” in some of its fields. The result is attached. Can some expert have a look on it?

By the way, the test just related was made after reinstalling CB. As expected, KeePass started to crash again, and the file I’ve sent was logged during a session of KeePass that ended with another crash. Obviously, I’ve uninstalled CB and KeePass does not crash anymore.

[attachment deleted by admin]

The only real change i did in Keepass is “Enter Password on secure desktop”.
And in CB i did not make any change when I recall correctly.

I did lots of things to try to fix this but the only workaround was to uninstall CB…


Some additional info:

CB installs “C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMMON\ShellExtension.dll”, and the log attached in my previous reply shows that KeePass loads that DLL and refers to it several times (I don’t know why).

One year ago, I had the very same problem with ZumoDrive, whose ShellExt64.dll made my KeePass to crash on a Win 7 64-bit system. Obvioulsy, I had to give up ZumoDrive. The issue was discussed at KeePass / Discussion / Help: ZumoDrive makes KeePass to crash in Win7 x64.

I hope this can help someone to figure out what’s wrong.