CB - Major letdown

Hi guys!

Here’s my story: I used CB v2 successfully last year on a different machine. Last month I installed Comodo Backup v3 on my actual machine, did a full backup on drive C, one month later, today, that is, I find myself restoring that one month old backup. I go through the restore steps, I verify the backup once more, I schedule a restore on restart, Windows reboots, then BAM - Comodo Backup starts rolling for 5 seconds and nothing - the boot process continues as if nothing ever happened.

The Comodo log says:

02.11.2011 11:25:10 Initiating Restore Operation…
02.11.2011 11:25:10 Locking Volumes…
02.11.2011 11:25:10 Error - volume busy or access is denied and could not be locked.
02.11.2011 11:25:10 Recover process failed with code 15
02.11.2011 11:25:12 Backup D:\Kits!BACKUP\Partition_C_full_part.cbu has been successfully scheduled for restore at next boot!

All good so far, but upon next boot, Comodo does nothing but flip up my system alltogether. No record in the log file of Comodo even trying to restore and no error message in those 5 seconds - it just says the backup process started 1 of 2 steps.

I have my drive split up into 2 partitions, C for Win, the backup files ( .cbu) are on D.

My Windows is totally thrashed, 90% of my software won’t start, giving me all sorts of errors.

Now, CB gives errors on execute, says it’s got tonnes of corrupt files.

Somebody please clue me out, I’ve got feces to do to earn a living, and Comodo ain’t helping.

Cheers from Transylvania!


The problem seems to be caused by a crash at boot-time.
Do you remember what the last line(s) from the log at boot-time said?

You can also create a BartPE/WinPE rescue CD\DVD then restore from the PE environment.


As I said in my previous post, Boot-time message said something along the lines of -

“Backup process started 1 of 2 steps.”

There is another line saying something about the process waiting to start, but it doesn’t say anything about any sort of error - just continues booting.

I’ve reinstalled Windows the old fashion way, not sure I’ll ever use Comodo Backup ever again though.