CB doing a Full System Backup ( last two seconds ) CRASH Blue Screen Memory Dump

Well, that was not nice… CB being complaining I have not done a System Backup, so I did…
Click the button using Comodo Settings, and Watch, 9+ mins backing up to my external hard drive.

Then at the end when it was finalizing it, CRASH Blue Screen Memory DUMP. Reboot.
Well, I do see a 9+ GB file on my external hard, and now CB tell me that I have not backup my system yet…
OKAY!.. hmmm, BUG ? ? ?

Very ODD, since that was the only app ( running besides comodo internet security )

Any ways, what the fix for this… or should I just forget that feature ?


Please go to \Windows\Minidump, compress this folder and post it for analysis.
This folder contains dumps which are automatically created when BSOD occurs and it will help us determine the cause of the issue.

What version of Comodo BackUp are you using?