CB computer system backup. What does this mean?

In CB (3.0.171316.129), the top option is ultimately characterized as “system backup”. When I hover my mouse over “system backup” it says: “backup your entire computer using our recommended settings”.

To start:

(1) what does “backup your entire computer” mean?

(2a) does this CB function backup, like a clone (or similar progs), or just data, and
(2b)if data, what specific data is it constituting “backup your entire computer”

Thanks again, as before, Diligent

Edit: I now see this explanation in the help section >>“Selecting the Backup Format”: Comodo Help

The first two “…backup format types and their descriptions…” in the second table, namely (1) CBU File, and (2) Clone disk/partition are helpful indeed. I think I understand the 2nd description, but then what does the 1st format’s function do differently? I understand it will be in .cbu format >> Is this the main difference from the “Clone disk/partition” described function?


It means backup your system drive. This contains Windows installation, settings, programs, documents. Basically, it’s a sector-by-sector image of C: partition (assuming Windows is installed on C drive).

Yes. It’s a sector by sector image of C drive.

  1. CBU file creates a sector-by-sector image stored in a .cbu file.
  2. Clone disk/partition creates a sector-by-sector image to another disk/partition. It mirrors a disk/partition to another disk/partition.


Been studying your post.

Got the basic idea I think.

.cbu is generally equivalent to a disk/partition.: .cbu is one way; disk/partition another.

Simple as that? Thanks, Jim

Yes, these are 2 separate ways to backup.


When I tried clicking on the System Backup, it immediately started copying stuff to the 2nd drive of my computer. I had to immediately stop it because it was NOT what I wanted to do. So, just to clarify (please correct me, if I am wrong), it seems that clicking on System Backup just to clones your image to the 2nd drive without giving you any options, while clicking Backup Now below allows you to select what kind of backup you want, including creating a CBU file of your system on a network drive or cloning your system on a local 2nd drive. Am I correct in my understanding? By the way, the User Manual does not say anything about this System Backup at the top of the main screen.


System Backup clones your system drive to a CBU file usually on a local 2nd drive.

Yes, there is an error in the user guide here:
Clicking the ‘Backup Now’ starts the process of generating a backup for your entire system instantly.
It should say:
Clicking the ‘System Backup’ starts the process of generating a backup for your entire system drive instantly.
This will be fixed soon.