CB compatible with Advanced Format (4K sectors)?

Is Comodo Backup compatible with Western Digital’s new Advanced Format hard drives with 4k sectors or does it require the use of the WD Align utility to be safe?

Western Digital pretty much says that all cloning/imaging backups will probably need the utility for now but I figured it was worth asking before installing it…

Windows 7x64
WD Caviar Green 1T hard drive (WD10EARS)
Comodo Backup 2.2.127000.12


Comodo Backup will probably not work on the 4k sector format. You should install WD Align.
We’re looking forward to your feedback.

Thank You.

As I started using Comodo Backup I realized that this didn’t apply to me since I was backing up TO the new drive and simply writing a file to it, as opposed to reading sectors FROM the new drive.

If I have time (sadly I probably won’t have time now, but IF) I will try making an image backup of the new drive and restoring it just to see if it works without WD Align. If I do try it I’ll post the results here.