CB backed-up data for (etc) online backup; FTP server/direct to online site.

Hi folks. Downloaded CB.

Want to backup CB backed-up data via a FTP server or directly to a online storage site, for online security.

For instance, IDrive gives 2g storage free. Other similar free storage sites exist with-w/o Idrive features.

I would like to know what the file(s) are where CB stores my files backup info, so that I could be able to upload them to an online secure site, to be able to download them later, in case of a catastrohpy.

Is there a good guide anywhere that explains ftp servers for online backup purposes?

I am sure ya all can tell that on this subject I am a nube. Appreciate your help. Tks. Diligent


Are you using CB v2.1?
If so:
Backup information is stored in the backup files (*.cbu)
Scheduled jobs are stored in registry (HKLM\Software\ComodoGroup\ComodoBackUp)
You can find more information in the user manual.

thanks for the info. Yup, using CB_2.1.117500.10. Appreciated, Diligent