CB and dLink DNS-323

I’m using Win7 Pro on a home network with a DLink DNS-323 NAS with 2 1.5TB drives mounted as individual drives. I’m using the second drive to back up two computers and certain folders from the first drive. I’ve mapped the two drives using Windows Explorer and have full access in Explorer. When I load CB and try to create a new backup, the NAS drives (s: and z:) aren’t listed as possible sources, but if I establish a backup of folders on my C: drive, they are listed as possible destinations.

Is CB capable of doing NAS-to-NAS and, if so, what do I have to do?

Yes CB is capable to to a NAS-to-NAS backup, but you have to remap the S: and Z: drive in administrator context if you have UAC on.
Run cmd.exe as administrator and use “net use” command to remap the network drives, this will make them visible in CB.


Thanks, this seemed to work. Appreciate the response!