[CB 4.4.1] Notification problem with Office365/ExchangeOnline account

First, I would like to apologize about my very basic e English, since it is not my mother tongue.
I am testing this software in our virtual environment to find out if it could be a replacement for other backup solutions like Uranium Backup and Cobian Backup (free).

I am nicely impressed of its wide backup options and features (like VSS, sync, differential backup, etc.) but I’ve encountered problems with the email notification feature using an Office365/ExchangeOnline email account.
Despite the “test OK” message given by the program when testing the smtp settings, the account does not receive any email, nor the server.

Using a consumer-grade Hotmail email account it works flawlessly.
Since also Uranium Backup suffered a similar problem in a pre-November2014 version, I assume something Microsoft-side has changed and ComodoBackup need an update.

i’m looking forward to find a solution in this forum.


I am writing .BAT files to create my backup scripts and invoking COMODO.EXE with the /SCRIPT command.
I have had no luck at all in getting CBU to accept a script with the email commands in it. CBU just goes to 50% CPU and it hangs there.
I have had luck sending SUCCESS and FAILURE emails directly from the GUI, but the commands are corrupt when saved to a script file and it seems to only work if I key the information in each time.

So far I have not seen many email messages from CBU, so I am not too sure what the content of the message is, except for SUCCESS messages.

While I would like to keep the notifications inside COMODO, I don’t think they are going to have a solution anytime soon. I am aware of another product that is also free that I have used for years sending out emails. Check out “BLAT”. It can be found at WWW.BLAT.NET. The person that supports it is very responsive to problems, if any are found.

If you would like to see how I am merging the two, send me a private email through this site.

Please when you have a success, come back to this Forum and share it with the rest of us.

(Not a volunteer, not an employee, just a user)