CB 4.3.7 unable to process & propogate errors and Code 67

Hi All,
when doing a 1 way sync from my PC to a NAS, I get the following errors, can someone please explain them to me

Unable to process stream item D:\Re-Install\Burning Software\LightScribe\LS_Update_1.18.20.1_.exe:Zone.Identifier:$DATA.
What is with the “:Zone.Identifier:$DATA.”
When I do a file comparison, I get a return that the files are the same.

Unable to propagate compression for item D:\Re-Install\Drivers\CD-R\error_codes.html. Destination file might occupy more disk space!
Is the above error due to the error_codes.html file being compressed (via a Disk Cleanup)?

At the end of the backup I get:
An error occurred during synchronization
Processed 12.8 GB (9.61 MB/s)
Saving final information…
Synchronization complete!
Synchronization process failed!
Backup failed with code 67 (File not found).

Any information about the errors would be greatly appreciated, if there is more information that you require form me to assist in your answer, please let me know specifically what you need.

Thanks in advance.