CB not work correctly

CB not work correctly:
-Source Items are not remembered
-new files and directories I can not add
-scheduled tasks does not work (for example, when installed on a daily basis)

Earlier, when used in earlier versions, then everything worked without problems.

I’m having the same problems. Majorly flawed update…

As developers we have no answer ?
Or they will make a new version of the program has already without errors ?

Waiting for Your reply.


We are investigating these issues. They will be fixed in the future releases of COMODO BackUp.

Thank you for your support!

This is your response to everything, yet nothing gets fixed.

Ah…thought I was cracking up…could not get scheduled tasks to run either.

Yeah, this software is a joke, and the support for it is even worse. Same canned response for every problem reported on the forums (and there are A LOT) with no resolution.

This is ridiculous. I got this software so I can schedule a backup. When will this be fixed? This is unacceptable as scheduling is a MAJOR component of the software.

So many major bugs, so often, indicate that this software is probably not beeing tested by Comodo at all, before releases to public. Comodo also doesn’t hurry to fix them, although they are very kindly reported by the community.

For us, as a corporate client, this makes the software (and the company) unreliable. We cannot guarantee safety of our customers data with CB. We are switching to a reliable vendor.