CB 3.0.164972.96 crash after command line backup

I have installed CB 3.0.164972.96 on Win7 64bit. I have set backup scripts to call the command line backup to USB HDD. On first run all is good and I get a perfect backup. On subsequent runs, the program initially prompts for permission to run via UAC and then fails to start and a cbu.exe error appears in the event log (Exception code 0xc0000005). After this, the program will not start from desktop icon either. If I uninstall CB, reboot and reinstall CB the program will run once as before when called from command line but not again until I uninstall … If I start from desktop icon it will start multiple times, until I do a command line backup after which it’s broken.
I have disabled UAC in the hope that it will fix the problem but did not have time to do another test that day. I will return to the task after Xmas break.


Please update to the latest version of Comodo BackUp 3.0, build 130: https://forums.comodo.com/news-announcements-feedback-cb/comodo-backup-30-build-130-public-release-t65557.0.html

Thank you for your support!