Cawp.exe is consuming major CPU starting Vivaldi browser

When I start Vivaldi (2.2.1360.4 ), cavwp takes over & continues for 1-2 minutes before Vivaldi will start, no matter weather I have any TABS opened beforehand.
This is very frustrating.
I just updated to the newest Comodo ver & it is the same…

I split your post and made it a separate topic.

I have witnessed this as well. With me it takes approximately half a minute to start up Vivaldi with cavwp.exe using a lot of CPU using up to 70%. I have … enabled in CIS so it only happens the first time I start Vivaldi after booting my pc.

However cleaning private data it started much faster without overloading by cavwp.exe also immediately after booting my pc.

Edit. I rebooted once more and cavwp.exe still behaves quietly when I start Vivaldi after reboot.