cavwp scheduled scan high cpu and disc

It took me a little time to see what was happening but on both of my laptops there were two cavwp processes and one of them was eating up CPU - over 40% - and a lot of disc activity - very high. On closer inspection I found that this was the scheduled scan which appears to have started two days ago and has been slugging both machines for the last two days. I don’t particularly want to disable the scheduled scan but if it continues to eat up resources like this I won’t have much choice.

Can anyone shed any light on why this is happening. So far as I can see cavwp has had problems using too much resource for years.

Can you please go to “Task Manager–>Details” tab and select cavwp.exe and take 3 dumps via right click option on process and selecting “Create dump file” and share via some online drive?

This you should do when high CPU is noticed.


I will do that when/if the problem shows up again.

Why do you need scheduled scans with default deny and antivirus running?

A) it would find malware when it starts anyway
b) it cant find it

You are right, at times you may have threats for which detection may have been added later, so next scan may find it.
We do plan to change schedule scan like once a month rather weekly.

This problem has occurred again. I have taken three dumps as requested and currently have them on a Google drive. Please advise the e-mail address to share them with or let me know where I can drop them for you to get at.

In addition, I have just noticed that in procexp there are two processes, one started as monitor the other as scanner and it is the scanner one which is using the CPU. I was about to take a set of dumps through procexp when the CPU usage dropped to only about 20% and then kept dropping to lower still. I’ve taken three dumps through procexp as well, although I could see that it was progressing through files and I’m not sure if the CPU was high at the point I took the dumps.


Please upload the dumps in any online storage and share the link through PM.
Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,